Connecticut Children's Museum

The Connecticut Children’s Museum is home to eight thematic rooms in which children can explore art, nature, logic, and music. From the naturalist room to the interpersonal room, students are placed in child-friendly spaces where they can play make-believe, explore and create their own museum experience. In the Musical Room, students play instruments, visit the table exhibits filled with ocean drums, guitars and saxophones and perform their own songs surrounded by a colorful musical mural. English, Spanish, and American Sign Language are explored in the Reflections Room where mirrors illuminate literature and a theatrical stage for students to jump into their favorite stories.
Contact Info
Address: 22 Wall St., New Haven, CT 06511. New Haven County. Tel: 203-562-5437. Website: Hrs: Tues.-Thurs. 9AM-11AM (for field trips), Fri.-Sat. 12PM-5PM.
Trip Info
Grade Level: PreK-2nd. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours, Guided Activities, Self-Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1-2 hours. Cost: Fee.  

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Children's Museum Lesson Plan

Gravity, robotics, health and fitness, culture, engineering, environment, and art are just a few of the educational topics that young students can learn about and experiment with at children’s museums. Children’s museums provide hands-on, colorful, interactive exhibits that help young students learn about a variety of topics.... Continue