New Jersey

Clifton Arts Center & Sculpture Park

Housed in two renovated barns originally built in the early 20th century, the Clifton Arts Center focuses on art, architecture and history. Groups will walk through the garden containing over 30 contemporary sculptures and take in one of the many art exhibitions. They can also arrange for a guided tour and have a chance to listen to artists speak about their work in the lecture room. Learners will be taught to examine art with a critical eye and discuss their views with peers. Through contemporary and modern art, groups will explore ideas that go beyond the canvas.
Contact Info 
Address: 900 Clifton Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013. Passaic County. Tel: 973-472-5499. Email: Website: Hrs: Wed.-Sat. 1PM - 4PM.

Trip Info
Grade Level: 1st-12th. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1-2 hours. Cost: Fee.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

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