Elsie Williams Doll Collection

With an estimated value of $100,000, this is a rare exhibit of both international and domestic dolls. The wife of U.S. Senator John Williams of Millsboro, Elsie Steele Williams gathered her dolls as she traveled. The exhibit also features Anna Steel’s extensive collection, who received dolls everywhere from Berlin, Germany to Guantanmo Bay. Now, the stunning pieces can provide students with a peek into other cultures and traditions suspended in history. Additionally, the artistic merit of each doll is apparent in the craftsmanship including hand woven lace, hand painted features, and delicate miniature jewelry with semi-precious stones. 
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Contact Info 
Stephen J. Betze library, 21179 College Dr., Georgetown, DE 19947. Sussex County. Southern DE. Tel: 302-856-9033. Website: www.treasuresofthesea.org/other Hrs: Vary. 
Trip Info
GRADE LEVEL: All grades. PROGRAM TYPE: Day Trips, Self-guided Tours. Cost: Free.
SUPPORTS CLASSROOM LEARNING IN: Art, Geography/History/Social Studies. 

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