Air Mobility Command Museum

The only museum dedicated to airlift and air refueling history, the AMC Museum houses over 30 bombers, helicopters and other aircraft that were used in World War 2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. A guided tour of the exhibits brings groups through the history and innovations of airlift throughout the wars, the Cold war’s chaotic “Operation Vittles”, and even secret developments that once took place at Air Mobility Command. A flight simulator allows any visitor aged 10+ to fly the museum aircraft, while museum instructors teach on the principles of flight, flying in pattern, and landing.
Contact Info
Address: Dover AFB 1301 Heritage Rd. Dover, DE 19902. Kent County. Tel: 302-677-5938. Email: Website: Hrs: Tues.-Sun. 9AM-4PM. Same Day Booking: No.
Trip Info  
Grade Level: 5th-College. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1 hour. Activity Type: Guided Tours. Cost: Fee/Free.

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STEM Lesson Plan

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