Pymatuning Deer Park

This deer park doesn’t just have deer: groups will love experiencing the over 250 animals at this park, including Siberian tigers, African lions, camels, black bears, primates, and, of course, several species of deer—which groups are encouraged to feed! Younger visitors can enjoy a Kiddie Zoo, where they can feed and pet a variety of baby and domestic animals. Visitors can also feed the Parakeets in the Budgie Barn, and, for smaller groups, horseback rides along a wilderness trail are available.
Contact Info
Address: 804 East Jamestown Road, Jamestown, Pennsylvania 16134. Mercer County. Tel: 724-932-3200. Email: Website: Hrs: Vary.
Trip Info
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2.5 hours. Cost: Fee.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Zoo Lesson Plan

When you go to the zoo, be on the lookout for the clever ways animals adapted to their surroundings and developed traits that help them survive. Students act like scientists to observe animal life while focusing on the diets and eating habits.... Continue