MIT Museum

The MIT Museum works to increase awareness of science and technology for visitors, and welcomes students to explore innovation and invention. Its prominent exhibits include Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence at MIT, where students can learn about the process of inventing and building robots, and can view robots capable of giving basic, human-like visual communication. Another exhibit deals with holography and how it can be used in industries such as engineering, architecture and even retailing. For those interested in genetics, there is an exhibit and workshop that is tailored toward middle school and high school students that focuses on DNA and protein synthesis. Other educational programs cover robotic programming and structural engineering.
Contact Info
Address: 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Building N51, Cambridge, MA 02139. Middlesex County. Tel: 617-253-5927. Email: Website: Hrs: Daily 10AM-5PM.
Trip Info
Grade Level: 6th-College. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours, Self-Guided Activities, Guided Activities. Cost: Fee. 
SUPPORTS SCOUT BADGES IN: Science, Technology.