Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame

The Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame brings the history of sports in Delaware to life, with displays, artifacts, photos and information on sports in general, and the inductees of the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame in particular. Discover the rich history of sports in Delaware with a visit to the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame.
Contact Info
Address: 801 Shipyard Dr., Wilmington, DE 19801. Kent County.
Tel: 302-425-3263.
Hrs: Vary. Year round by appointment.
School groups can have a guided tour of the Museum by appointment. As they explore the exhibits, they can learn about Delaware history, sports, and Hall of Fame inductees. The Museum also strives to educate students about athletics, sportsmanship, and work ethic.
Contact Info
Phone: 302-425-3263.
Supports Classroom Learning In: Social Studies.
Topics Covered: history of Delaware sports, individual sports standouts, Negro League and MLB Hall of Famer Judy Johnson.
Trip Info
Grade Level: All grades.
Group Size: Max. 50.
Program Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours.
Recomm. Length of Visit: 45 minutes-1 hour.
Recomm. Ratio of Students to Staff: 10:1.
Registration: Online, Phone, Email, Fax.
Cost: Fee.

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