Danbury Ice Arena

The Danbury Ice Arena Learn to Skate program offers a variety of classes and levels to suit every skater’s needs. The highly qualified, certified instructors and small class sizes will help every skater progress at his or her own pace. Danbury Ice Arena follows the Ice Skating Institute Learn to Skate Curriculum. Children and adults begin at the tot or pre-alpha level depending upon their age and ability. Skaters will progress from learning the basics of balance, marching and gliding, and gradually advance to levels where they will learn about crossovers, backwards skating, and even spins and jumps! In addition to skating programs and public sessions The Danbury Ice Arena offers youth hockey programs, adult programs, and group outing packages. Group rates include skates with an option to include pizza, soda, room rental, and DJ.

Contact Info
Address: One Independence Way, Danbury, CT 06810. Fairfield County. Tel: 203-794-1704. Email: lbochino@danburyice.com. Website: www.danburyarena.com. Hrs: Vary.

Trip Info
Grade Level: All Grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Activities, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: Varies. Cost: Fee.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Ice and Roller Skating Lesson Plan

How are skaters able to jump from one skate, rotate their bodies three times, and land on their other skate, all while gliding on ice? How do skaters balance themselves on four-wheeled skates as they slide on oiled wood floors? The laws of physics rule the world of skating. Physics determines how a skater moves, how and when they stop, and even if they collide. ... Continue