Houston Symphony

Through the Student Concert Series, school groups can hear the Houston Symphony perform, while developing their listening skills as an audience. Lower-level elementary concerts explore the sounds and textures of the Symphony, as students discover how harmony can be created from out of musical opposites. Upper-level concerts teach them about the individual elements of music and, during an exciting performance, how to engage their imaginations with the music through active listening, in the same way they would read a book. Visits to the concert can be personalized with an in-school visit from the symphony musicians.
Contact Info
Address: Jones Hall for the Performing Arts, 615 Louisiana St. #102, Houston, TX 77002. Harris County. Tel: 713-224-4240. Email: education.community@houstonsymphony.org. Website: www.houstonsymphony.org. Hrs: See website.
Trip Info
Grade Level: 2nd-8th. Activity Type: Day Trips, Performances. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2-3 hours. Cost: Fee.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Theater Lesson Plan

Throughout the ages, theater has been used to record history, depict religious stories, spread information and more. When visiting the theater, discuss what jobs people can have at the theater and the process of producing a stage play.... Continue