I&M Canal Boat

Enjoy a mule-pulled boat tour! The I&M Canal is a hand-dug waterway that first opened in 1848, connecting Chicago to LaSalle-Peru. Visitors can experience a ride aboard the I&M Canal Boat, a replica of 19th-century boats that once carried passengers down the canal. Period-dressed tour guides will introduce you to Moe and Molly, the canal mules; and share stories about mule tending, and people who worked and travelled on the canal. The Lock 16 Café & Visitor Center features history exhibits, public programs, and more.
Contact Info
Address: 754 1st St., Lasalle, IL 61301. LaSalle County.
Tel: 815-220-1848.
Hrs: See website.
A tour aboard the canal boat provides offers unique opportunities for learning about the 19th century. Every trip begins with “Mule Tending 101,” and also explores the history of the canal. A tour guide regales students with tales of the canal, while the boat makes its way to the Little Vermillion aqueduct and back. Mary Todd Lincoln has been known to ride the boat, knitting in the corner and telling fantastic stories of her time in the Nation’s capital with Mr. Lincoln. Students can then enjoy exhibits and a snack in the Visitor Center.
Contact Info
Phone: 815-220-1848.
Trip Info
Grade Level: All grades.
Group Size: Min. 10, max. 70. If over 70, we can do back-to-back boat tours.
Program Type: Guided Tours.
Recomm. Length of Visit: 60-90 minutes.
Recomm. Ratio of Students to Staff: 20-1.
Registration: Online, Phone.
Food Options: Available for purchase.
Cost: Fee.
Title I or Financial Support: Grants available. Call for details.
Accessible To: Fully accessible.
Supports Classroom Learning In: Social Studies.
Topics Covered: 19th century history, boat tours, social history, technology.

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