New England Carousel Museum

Learn about the mechanics, art and history of carousels and their carvers at The New England Carousel Museum. Founded in 1990, the museum features a collection of antique carousel pieces and an indoor carousel that groups will enjoy taking a ride on. Field trips include a tour of the museum and a ride on the carousel. You can extend your experience at the museum with a hands on activity and or a lunch. Groups can also stay at the museum for an overnight experience where they will take a tour, ride the carousel, make crafts, learn to folk-dance, and have a light breakfast. Groups can also tour the Museum of Fire History which has bells to ring sirens to set off and alarms to pull for a tactile hands on addition to your visit.
Contact Info 
Address: 95 Riverside Ave, Bristol, CT 06010. Hartford County. Tel: 860-585-5411. Email: Website: Hrs: Wed.–Sat. 10AM–5PM, Sun. 12PM–PM, Tours by appointment Mon.–Sun.
Trip Info 
Grade Level: K-12th. Activity Type: Day Trips, Overnight Trips, Guided Tours, Guided Activities. Recommend. Length of Visit: 1-2 hours. Cost: $6 Adults, $5.50 Children
SUPPORTS CLASSROOM LEARNING IN: Social Studies, Art, Science, Mathematics.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

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