Asheville Community Theatre

Asheville Community Theatre has been producing quality shows for over 6 decades. Student matinee productions include childrens’ classics, history, science, and folk tales. Whether it’s live actors, cut-outs or a puppet show, the performances always make learning vibrant and visually interesting. Many of the performances are interactive, giving the audience chances to participate in the story and test their knowledge, and even win prizes. Teachers’ guides with class activities will be available to all classes in attendance. Asheville also offers Youth Production Classes, where K-12 students can learn about stage production while working to put on a play.
Contact Info 
Address: 35 East Walnut Street, Asheville, NC 28801. Buncombe County. Tel: 828-254-1320. Website: Hrs: Vary.
Trip Info
Grade Level: PreK-8th. Activity Type: Performances. Recomm. Length of Visit: 3-4 hours. Cost: Fee.
SUPPORTS CLASSROOM LEARNING IN: Language Arts/English, Performing Arts, Social Studies.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Theater Lesson Plan

Throughout the ages, theater has been used to record history, depict religious stories, spread information and more. When visiting the theater, discuss what jobs people can have at the theater and the process of producing a stage play.... Continue