Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund

Hello! Destination Management offers public schools in Orange County grants for STEM-related field trips through the Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund. Examples of field trips include visiting a news station to learn about how weather predictions are made by meteorologists, going to an aviation museum to learn about how planes fly, and more. A school principal must approve the field trip and sign the form that will be submitted with your grant request. Grants are to be submitted via fax or email. Approval status notifications will be sent out within 5 business days.
Contact Info
Address: 3840 Vineland Road, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32811. Orange County. Tel: 407-425-5300. Website: www.ocps.net. Grade Levels Served: All grades. Subjects Served: STEM. Amount Rewarded: Varies. Deadline for Application: May 1.