Elrod’s Dallas ISD Kids Field Trip Fund

Elrod’s Supermarkets provides field trip transportation funding to schools in the Dallas Independent School District. The funds received can only be used for field trip travel within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. After the field trip, at least 5 students must write a brief summary of the things they learned on the field trip. Student summaries must be mailed to Dallas ISD Volunteer and Partnership Services. Teachers must keep Dallas ISD field trip transportation guidelines when writing a proposal. Applications can be emailed or sent via mail. Teachers will be notified about funding in August.
Contact Info
Address: 3700 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75204. Dallas County. Tel: 972-925-3700. Email: partners@dallasisd.org. Website: www.dallasisd.org. Grade Levels Served: All grades. Subjects Served: All. Amount Rewarded: Varies. Deadline for Application: Apr. 29.