New Pond Farm

At New Pond, groups can meet the sheep, cows, and chickens that roam the farm. Depending on the time of year, groups can see the cows being milked or grazing out at pasture, see the chickens laying eggs, or learn about the sheep and how their fleece is spun into yarn. The Learning Center has all kinds of reptiles including snakes and turtles. Field trip programs covering farm animal products, maple sugaring, and sheep’s fleece are offered during the year, where groups have chances to get involved in with working with the animals, and explore the many farm buildings. Members and school groups are welcome.
Contact Info
Address: 101 Marchant Road, West Redding, CT 06896. Fairfield County. Tel: 203-938-2117. Email: Website: Hrs: Grounds Daily Sunrise-Sunset, Office Mon.-Fri. 9AM-5PM.
Trip Info
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1 hour. Cost: Fee.
SUPPORTS CLASSROOM LEARNING IN: Environmental Studies, Science.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Farm Lesson Plan

The average American may eat 125 pounds of potatoes each year, but corn is actually America's number one field crop, providing ingredients for cereals, peanut butter, snack foods and soft drinks. Use a trip to an agricultural farm to find out where our fruits and vegetables come from. ... Continue