Disney Summer of Service Grants

Youth Service America (YSA) and The Walt Disney Company have come together to help encourage students to make an impact in their communities. The Disney Summer of Service Grants allow students aged 5-18 to submit their service learning project ideas to win a $500 grant for their school. Projects can focus on recycling, composting, education, and more. The grants will be awarded to 340 students in order for them to complete their service learning project. All students must receive sponsorship from their school to enter.  

Contact Info
Address: 1101 15th St NW #200, Washington, DC 20005. District of Columbia. Tel: 202-296-2992. Email: wnham@ysa.org. Website: www.ysa.org/grants/youth-grants/disney/. Contact: Winnie Nahm. Grade Levels Served: K-12th. Subjects Served: Science, Education. Amount Rewarded: $500. Deadline for Application: September 30th.