Claude Moore Colonial Farm

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run is a living history museum that portrays family life on a small farm just prior to the Revolutionary War. In addition to the self-guided tours of the working Farm, groups can participate in a number of highly focused programs. The Farm Skills program, for instance, features the use of a collection of reproduction period items and sessions in which students produce their own 18th-century artifacts using the tools, materials, processes and techniques of the colonial period. The popular Environmental Living program is an overnight experience that offers students the opportunity to learn history, environmental science, and agricultural practices and processes through the cultural laboratory of the 18th century farm.

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Address: 6310 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA, 22101. Fairfax. Tel: 703-442-7557. Email: Website: Hrs: Apr. 1- Dec. 11 Wed. - Sun. 10AM - 4:30PM.

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Grade Level: All grades. Program Type: Day Trips, Overnights, Self-Guided Tours, Guided Tours, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: Varies. Cost: Fee.


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Living History Lesson Plan

Two hundred thousand Civil War soldiers were boys no older than 16, and an estimated 300 women were brave enough to disguise themselves as men and fight in the war. The average soldier weighed only 145 pounds due to poor diet, long marches, disease, and tough living, and earned about $15 per month more. ... Continue