Thomas Falls Event Center

Soar through the sky on an exciting group adventure with Thomas Falls Event Center. Begin the adventure with the challenging log climb to the skywalk swinging bridge and leave on your first zip-line though the old growth forest canopy to an even taller platform in route to the first lake crossing on your third line. Hop onto a wagon to ride over to the cliff overlook platform some 90’ above the lake and zip past the covered bridge and island to another tree top platform. Professional staff members will teach all participants how to safely zip line. Groups are sure to gain confidence in agility and teamwork!

Contact Info:
Address: 5543 US Highway 259 North, Diana, TX 75640. Upshur County. Tel: 903-968-6924. Web: Email: Hrs: By reservation only.

Trip Info:
Grade Level: 6th-College. Activity Type: Guided Activities, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2-3 hours. Cost: Fee.
SUPPORTS SCOUT BADGES IN: Physical Education. 

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

Zip Line Lesson Plan

Your experience on a zip line course actually all comes down to science. Ask your students to guess who will go faster, people who weigh more or less, and then test your hypothesis and figure out why.... Continue