generationOn Clubs

Start a generationOn Club at your school or organization! The global organization was founded by Silda Wall Spitzer to help young people get involved with service learning in their community. Once the club is registered at your school or organization, your group will get a phone call from generationOn Clubs support to finalize and initiate the membership. The generationOn site provides free resources to help your group choose a service-learning project. Options include helping senior citizens, protecting animal welfare, fighting world hunger, spreading world peace, and more. Groups can even decide to create their own unique project.
Contact Info 
Address: 281 Park Avenue South, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10010. New York County.
Tel: 917-746-8161. Email: clubs@generationon.org. Website: www.generationon.org. Hrs: Vary.  
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Grade Level: K-12th. Regions Served: Worldwide.