Founded by the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and the Lift a Life Foundation, Lead2Feed is a non-profit led by Executive Chairman of Yum! Brands and hunger advocate David Novak that encourages groups to gain leadership skills through service learning projects that fight against hunger or other issues in the community. Lead2Feed provides educators with free lessons to teach groups real-world skills such as teamwork and project management as they take on their service-learning project. Over 3,500 schools and clubs across the U.S. participate in the Lead2Feed challenge, where groups implement their projects using the skills that they have learned to win money for charity and technology grants.
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Address: 4350 Brownsboro Road, Suite 110, Louisville, KY 40207. Jefferson County.
Tel: 502-893-4540. Email: lead2feed@gmail.com. Website: www.lead2feed.org. Hrs: Vary.
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Grade Level: 6th-12th. Regions Served: Nationwide.