The Whitney Workshop

The Whitney Workshop at the Eli Whitney Museum is an experimental learning workshop for students, teachers, & families. For 27 years we have collected, interpreted, and taught experiments that are the roots of design and invention. The Whitney Workshop is an experience-based teaching center which supports STEAM learning to school aged children either here or in schools. We design, produce, prepare, package and teach over 80,000 projects a year to children ages 3 – 13 and train 90 teens in our unique Apprentice Program. All programs have a building and didactic component to stress the use of hands and mind together. Programs align with CTSS, Common Core or NextGen Standards.
Contact Info 
Address: 915 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06517. New Haven County. 
Tel: 203-777-1833. 
Hrs: Vary.
Some of our most popular school programs include the Pinball Machine project, where in the course of building a pinball machine the students and group leaders learn game design, logic, the geometry of force and motion, and creative design. In the ElectriCity project, students construct 'houses' with a simple circuitry which can then be set up in series and parallel. They test the difference in installing incandescent light and LED light and build in switches to conserve energy. All projects go home with the students. Programs can be customized to meet your curriculum needs. Programs align with CTSS, Common Core or NextGen Standards. Learn more about school programs
Contact Info
Contact: Sally Hill, 203-777-1833,
Trip Info 
Grade Level: Pre-K-8th. 
Group Size: 130 - 150 maximum.
Activity Type: Guided Activities. 
Recomm. Length of Visit: 1.5 hours per activity. 
Recomm. Ratio of Students to Staff: Varies.
Registration: Phone, Email.
Food Options: N/A.
Cost: Average fee $10 – $12 per child per project. This will depend on project chosen.
Topics Covered: Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, geology, plants, animals, design, art, culture.

Lesson Plan To Enrich This Class Trip

STEM Lesson Plan

The light bulb, the assembly line, and the personal computer are all inventions by American innovators that have greatly impacted the world. For America to continue to lead the world in innovation, students must be fluent in the foundation of these inventions. Students learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and how they are related to specific topics. ... Continue