New Jersey

New Jersey Scout Museum

Although it is small, the New Jersey Scout Museum, located on the second floor of the new Monmouth Council service center, is one of the few destinations focusing on boy and girl scouts in the state of New Jersey. This 700-sq.-ft. museum contains scout flags and patch blankets and mannequins wearing period scout uniforms. Among the museum’s treasures are a 1911 boy-scout uniform with awards and patches, a 1939 Monmouth Counsel Sea Scout Flag, and a 1939 World Jamboree Sigmund Eisner Photo Album. In addition, there are several bookcases containing a reference library of old scouting books and magazines that your scouts may be interested in browsing through. 
For more information, contact the museum’s curator or historian.  
Contact Info 
2nd floor of the New Monmouth Council Service Center, 705 Ginesi Dr., Morganville, NJ 07751. Tel: 732-862-1282. Email:  Website:
Trip Info
GRADE LEVEL: K-12th. PROGRAM TYPE: Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours. COST: Donations accepted.

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