History and Social Studies

Historical Boat Excursions

Christina River Boat Company

19801 A Street, Wilmington, DE 19899. 302-530-5069. Take a boat ride tour of the Brandywine and Christian River. Fee.

Delaware River & River Bay Lighthouse Foundation

P.O. Box 708, Lewes, DE 19958. Statewide DE. 302-644-7046. Find out about the challenges of serving as a lighthouse keeper and enjoy spectacular views. The Foundation services lighthouses throughout Delaware. Fee.

Fisherman's Wharf

107 Anglers Rd., Lewes, DE 19958. 302-645-8862. Offers scenic whale watching and two-hour dolphin watching cruises. Fee.

Pirates of Lewes Expeditions

400 Anglers Rd., Lewes, DE 19958. 302-249-3538. Campers will learn about local Lewes pirate history, watch pirate performances, and work together to find sunken treasure. Fee.