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African American Museum in Philadelphia

Experience the richness and vibrancy of African American heritage and culture on a tour through the historic Diaspora by way of artifacts, photos, sculptures and much more. 701 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel: 215-574-0380. Cost: Fee.... More Info

Other Listings

Atwater Kent Museum,
The History Museum of Philadelphia

15 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. 215-685-4830. A history museum of Philadelphia. Provides many ways to learn about the city. School and youth groups use hands-on experiences with historical objects. Fee.

Independence National Historical Park Visitors Center

599 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. 800-537-7676. The scene of adopting the Declaration of Independence and drafting the United States Constitution includes a Visitor Center with exhibits and 2 films: “Independence,” a 28-minute film on the call for independence and the drafting of the Constitution, and “Choosing Sides,” a 20-minute film based on diaries and historical accounts depicting the thoughts and feelings of young people as they reflect on the Revolutionary War and their freedom. Free.

Mummers Museum

1100 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. 215-336-3050. Dedicated to the Philadelphia celebration of the new year with the Mummers Parade. It houses a rich collection of mummers' paraphernalia and memorabilia, including spectacular costumes. Fee.

Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art

615 North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19123. 215-627-6747. Dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art that illuminates the Jewish experience, with exhibits of work by artists of diverse backgrounds and a permanent collection of works by accomplished artists. Fee.